Monsieur Bing por Roger Hargreaves

Monsieur Bing por Roger Hargreaves

Titulo del libro: Monsieur Bing

Autor: Roger Hargreaves

Número de páginas: 40 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: June 1, 2008

ISBN: 2012248063

Editor: Hachette Book Group USA

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Roger Hargreaves con Monsieur Bing

-- The spring in his step has got MR. BOUNCE down -- can a pair of heavy boots help lift his spirits?
-- Join a boy named Jack as he goes on a wild adventure with MR. DAYDREAM -- without even leaving his desk
-- Square apples, twisted teapots -- who knows what will win, when MR. SILLY and his nonsensical neighbors compete for the yearly Nonsense Cup?
-- Mr. Tickle's tickling is out of control Can LITTLE MISS MAGIC conjure up a solution?