Ghostbusters Collectables por Matt MacNabb, Matthew Macnabb

Ghostbusters Collectables por Matt MacNabb, Matthew Macnabb

Titulo del libro: Ghostbusters Collectables

Autor: Matt MacNabb, Matthew Macnabb

Número de páginas: 96 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: June 15, 2016

ISBN: 144565430X

Editor: Amberley Publishing

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Matt MacNabb, Matthew Macnabb con Ghostbusters Collectables

The film Ghostbusters was released in June 1984 and became a cultural phenomenon and an instant classic, reaching no. twenty-eight in the American Film Institute's top 100 comedies of all time and voted funniest film of the past twenty-five years by Entertainment Weekly in 2008. The release of the film marked the beginning of a franchise that would include a sequel (with a third film due for release in July 2016), comics, television series and action figures. In this book, author and collector Matthew McNabb takes a look at the best of Ghostbusters collectables, including action figures of the four Ghostbusters themselves, some of the most famous ghosts from the films and models of ECTO-1. The book also looks at some of the most unusual collectables as well as looking at what might be collectable in the future.