Audio Speaker Wire Antennas

The feed point of the antenna has to do with 3 feet off the ground. Currently you have cables that are roughly a halfwave on 40M as well as 20M. Cut a single item of wire concerning 5% longer than your antenna. mobile radio antenna Do not make use of twin lead for this wire; make use of a solitary uninsulated cable.

It’s all built; I simply need to venture out somewhere to set it up as well as see how it functions. I saw Mike K8MRD reveal the EFHW cut for 20M then added more wire utilizing the banana plugs to make a powerful 40, 20, 15 as well as 10M EF antenna. A high efficiency system that can be made use of as a sloper or with a mast as an upside down vee! The flexibility of these antennas is mind boggling to me as well as I am starting to explore different arrangements. Strip off around 1/2-inch of insulation from one end of the 23-foot cord.


Like my otherspeaker cable jobs, this antenna is constructed from a 50-foot length of low-cost, two-conductor wire. These outcomes, naturally, are very based on the tuner you’re utilizing. There’s second best about the 50-ft length. You can cut the radiator back to a size that provides an easier match.

Fringe Hdtv Tv Antenna Installed Western Ny Area

I stayed with the 50-foot length since I intended to make use of the entire pool of speaker cord for these jobs. Of course, you’ll require an antenna coupler to match these cords to your rig. The SOTA Receiver I used worked penalty, but each cord ran just on a single band. I ripped off a little bit and also utilized a few other scrap cord to make two brief counterpoise cords, 5 feet for 40M and also 3 feet for 20M.

Exterior Antenna

FM is constantly vertical and also weak signal SSB is typically straight although some times vertical. One pointing up for a vertical emitting element, 2 horizontal BNC’s to create a dipole as well as one aiming down for the coax feedline. In this digital age, individuals always watch out for less complicated options. So buying any type of items like 160 meter antenna is just a matter of time for on the internet purchasing. You can conveniently purchase products anywhere and also anytime and also terminate them too.

In addition, after the pandemic, an increasing number of individuals are inclined in the direction of on the internet buying. I made use of a ring incurable to terminate the 50-foot cord. Note that the terminal is crimped over the cord’s insulation. The metal ring terminal is electrically-isolated from the antenna cord.

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